Monday, September 8, 2008

Bizkit Boyz

What's up. Just a quick update to let you all know what we've got planned for the coming months. By now you probably know that I like lists, so why screw with a good thing?:

That was easy.

Friday, August 8, 2008

You Look Like a Tree...

What's up! Alright, so I've been slacking but here's a quick update in list form.

1. Tour was awesome! Thank you Have Heart, Wasteland, ON, Foundation, all of the other bands we played with, all the people that came to our shows, all the people that provided 15 smelly dudes (and a smelly girl) with a place to sleep and shower, all the people that told me I look like "that guy from At the Drive-In", all the people that took pictures and videos, all the people that talked gear with me and Taco Bell. We really appreciate it all so much. Just saying.

2. Tomorrow is the record release show for Have Heart's "Songs to Scream at the Sun". It's in Boston at the ICC. There is a flyer somewhere but I don't have access to it so I'm not posting it. Bands such as Have Heart, Verse, Blacklisted, Shipwreck and New Lows will be in attendance and performing. You should probably all come check it out. And bring an extra hoodie, the ICC is drafty and I wouldn't want you to catch a cold.

3. We leave next week for our European tour with great friends Have Heart and Shipwreck. We've collectively decided that it's going to the best time of our lives, so we're looking forward to that. Duh. Here are those Euro dates for all your Euro guys and girls:

14.08.2008 Belgium Hasselt-Kiewit @ Pukkelpop (Have Heart only)

15.08.2008 Germany Torgau @ Endless Summer

16.08.2008 Germany Essen @ Rise or Die Festival

17.08.2008 Germany Trier @ Ex-Haus

18.08.2008 Germany Giessen @ Muk

19.08.2008 Germany Bielefeld @ Movie

20.08.2008 Germany Hamburg @ Hafenklang

21.08.2008 Denmark Fredericia @ Ungdomshuset

22.08.2008 Sweden Örebro @ Kulturhuset

23.08.2008 Germany Hameln @ Joch'n'Roll

24.08.2008 Belgium Ieper @ Ieperfestival

25.08.2008 UK London @ Underworld

26.08.2008 UK Stoke On Trent @ Sugarmill

27.08.2008 UK Leeds @ Rios

28.08.2008 UK Norwich @ Queen Charlotte

29.08.2008 Germany Karlsruhe @ Die Stadtmitte

30.08.2008 Switzerland Luzern @ Sedel

31.08.2008 Germany Lichtenstein @ JZ Riot

4. Ryan Hudon, stop staring. It's not nice.

Anyway, I'll really try to keep up with this more in the future. In the next post expect a series of pictures featuring everyone in Have Heart asleep.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Record Release, Tours, and Ryan Hudon's Staring Problem

This is my first post in the Verse blog so everybody go easy on me. Our new album has been out for almost a week now and speaking for the band we are beyond psyched. What we're even more excited for is leaving for tour at the end of this week with our good friends in Have Heart. Ryan Hudon and I will be riding in separate vans because we hate one another (not really) and, as I mentioned in the title, he has a staring problem. On our awesome summer adventure we will be meeting up with even more friends in bands such as Wasteland and ON and Foundation. All of these bands shred and I know you're all looking forward to seeing them do what they do just as much as I am. Our tour kick-off and record release show is this Friday, the 20th in Providence, RI at the Living Room. Here is a nice looking flyer:

After that we will be at the following venues in the following cities on the following dates:

June 21 - Westcott in Syracuse, NY (shredding with friends/roommates in Soul Control)
June 22 - Inside Out Gallery in Traverse City, MI
June 23 - Now That's Class in Cleveland, OH
June 24 - High-Point Club in Kansas City, KS
June 25 - The Underground in Denver, CO
June 26 - Compound in Albuquerque, NM
June 27 - Che Cafe in San Diego, CA
June 28 - Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA (Rotting Out!)
June 29 - Balazo Gallery in San Francisco, CA (what's up John Eightclip!)
June 30 - The Studio in Reno, NV
July 2 - Satyricon in Portland, OR
July 3 - Midnight Sun in Olympia, WA (is there a place to get vegan biscuits & gravy in Olympia or am I dreaming?)
July 4 - The Space in Vancouver, BC (Circles, you know I love you)
July 5 - Seattle Legion Hall in.. yes, Seattle, WA
July 6 - House Show in Boise, ID
July 8 - Rejavanate Coffee Lounge in Las Vegas, NV
July 9 - Modified Arts in Phoenix, AZ
July 10 - The Junction in Houston, TX
July 11 - Rock Bottom Bar in San Antonio, TX
July 12 - Higher Ground in Merairie, LA
July 13 - Significant Fest at 688 Skatepark in Clearwater, FL
July 14 - Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta, GA
July 15 - The Anchor in Nashville, TN
July 16 - Championship Vinyl in Lemoyne, PA
July 17 - Good Timez in Livingston, NJ
July 18 - First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia, PA
July 19 - Deer Park VFW in Deer Park, NJ
July 20 - Waterfront Tavern in Holyoke, MA

Then we'll be home for a few weeks to hang out and relax and start new bands with funny names and in mid-August we head to Europe for a few weeks with Have Heart and Shipwreck. I'll be back to post those dates as soon as I have them.

- Zak

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Hello folks, our new record "Aggression" is completely finished and has been sent out to be pressed. We are beyond excited for this. The "man"(Bridge 9, Rivalry) tells us it will be officially out June 10th, so keep your eyes and ears open for pre-orders and a record release show.

In touring news: we're doing a Full US tour with our homeboys in Have Heart starting on June 20th. I believe we're bringing out a few different bands (Wasteland, Foundation, On etc..) with us for certain sections of the tour. 

After that we're gonna head over to Europe for a couple of weeks in late August with Have Heart and Shipwreck. I'm still trying to wrap my head around how fun that is going to be.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Grape Soda, New Shoes, and Nice Things

Words can't describe how much it means to have been in this band for 5+ years and still somehow manage to keep meeting people we can relate to, on some, if not all levels of not just music, but personal backgrounds/life experiences as well. Just knowing that I can still take comfort in knowing that there is someone out there in our little close knit community that we can talk to, and get an equal give and take back, is 100% what keeps our heads in this.

For me personally, every time I get to a point where I think there is no one left to relate to, I'm smacked upside the head with a dose of reality in the form of a person doing something that I understand completely. Something as simple as a mannerism, or perhaps a habitual thing done stemming from the environments we may or may not have been raised.  This might seem crazy to some, but to me it make perfect sense. These are the very same things that give me a window to look in to a person's life. 

What I'm getting at here, is that I think I'm speaking for all of Verse when I say this past week, we have had a chance to feel a new sense of relevance and a sense of belonging in HC Punk that came in the form of playing a week of shows with a band called Blacklisted. There are few bands that I personally feel that we have a special bond with these days. Most of our friend's bands have come and gone already since our inception, So it's refreshing to know that there are others out there who hold this very close to them and refuse to never let it go, no matter what obstacles they may face.

Thank you Blacklisted (especially for the new record).


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Verse in Providence March 21st

We're playing a show that is part of the 2nd annual RIC Amnesty International Arts and Activism Exhibition at Firehouse 13. The whole point of this show is to raise awareness of the injustices that plague the world we live in on a daily basis. There will be a few guest speakers reading about personal struggles against violence and repression. 

If anyone wants to get up and speak/contribute something during our set, you're more than welcome.

There will also be vegan/vegetarian food, coffee, and literature available. 

We also may or may not be the oddball on this show, so please come out and show that HC Punk kids actually do give a shit about what is going on in the world, even if it is just in a form of solidarity.

For more info go to:

New blog/website,

OK, we finally got one of these things. From now on all of the
updates and news we have, we will post here. So if you want
new info, it will be found.. here, not myspace.